About Us

Discount home gyms are a miracle for the average person who cannot visit a gym on a regular basis. In the world of fitness today the common wisdom is to contract a personal trainer, set up a workout regimen and then go to the gym three to five times per week (or more).  Usually the workouts are some type of cross-training involving weightlifting and cardio vascular exercises.  The average person with a career and a family will spend at least fifteen to twenty hours per week in the gym.  This probably explains why so many people cancel their gym memberships at the first opportunity and why so many people are out of shape and overweight.  They just don’t have the time or the discipline (or sometimes the finances) to go to the gym as often as necessary.

The obvious solution is buying a home based gym. While convenient to have in the home, many of these systems can be rather expensive. Certainly, you have seen infomercials offering many different types of discount home gyms, many of them are of good quality and will work effectively. So how do you know which home exercise gym is the right one for you?

The best answer is: it depends. Not the answer you were looking for? Sorry, but truth be told is that different people are better suited by different exercise programs and therefore, different home gyms. Take into consideration a few factors before choosing which home based gym is best for you.